LL在小學群組中回應一張詼諧的黑小孩的圖片,寫到:「最近常在想這個我是否白活了?,可是也不想學[厚黑學] 一書裡的活得那麼黑!」。




近日看一本小說, Fannie Flagg的「The Whole town’s Talking」,內中一段(如下),頗覺應情!

He had always been casting about in his mind:

What was life all about? What the hell was his purpose? What was he supposed to be doing?But now, everything made sense. He had lived and died; it was as simple as that. He hadn’t needed a purpose. The fact that he was born was all the purpose he had ever needed. He was meant to be his parent’s child, his wife’s husband, his daughter’s father, and on and on. Despite all his grand schemes and ambitions to set the world on fire, to be someone special, he was just another link in the chain of life, including forward from generation to generation. The only thing he had to do was relax and enjoy where he was.




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